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What do we offer to the expert?

Effective sales channel
Effective sales channel
Layout of the course page in the corporate style of the expert
Course page layout
in the corporate style of the expert
Ability to upload any lesson format (text, presentation, video and audio file)
Ability to upload any lesson format (text, presentation, video and audio file)
Assistance in packing the course
Assistance in packing the course
User-friendly interface
User-friendly interface
Providing analytics and feedback from students
Providing analytics
and feedback from students

What do experts say about us?

Teaching at has given me the opportunity to engage as many students as I would never have been able to do on my own, as well as share my experiences with others. My course "Promoting a personal brand on Instagram" was attended by almost 300 people. I do what I love and watch the progress of my students. Every morning I wake up with pride, because my work helps people from different parts of the world.
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You are our expert if:

You have long dreamed of entering the EdTech market and monetizing your knowledge
Have an audience of 2 to 30 thousand people in social networks
Possess competent speech and the skill of accessible presentation of thought
Have expert knowledge and are willing to share it

How is income distributed?

There are two course publishing rates on the platform,
in which the income for experts is calculated differently:
25% or 35% of the total income of the course.
If you don't have a recorded course
  • Package the course according to your structure
  • Filming and post-production
  • Copyright is reserved to
If you have a recorded course
  • Placement of the finished, filmed course
  • Copyright remains with the author of the course

The remaining funds go to the necessary expenses:

Costs for targeted, contextual advertising, costs for services and mailings
Course recording: editor, videographer, methodologist and administrator services
Services of producer, curator and post-production (course packaging: creating a landing page, design, adding a mobile to the course, editing the course)
15% profit for platform maintenance

Student Testimonial

The playground is super! Everything is clear and does not cause difficulties. I liked that she was different from everyone else.
The idea of creating is very much in demand today. It is comfortable and convenient. The online format gives freedom of choice and saves time.
The quality of the platform itself is beyond praise: beautiful design, everything is clear and convenient.
The lessons are not overloaded and informative. They last 20 minutes, it is conducive to study.
You can feel the professionalism of the speakers and their competent speech!
I thank the raf company for such a high-quality product! I will recommend it to all my friends 100%!
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What it takes to become an expert

  1. Ready-made course structure and scenario
  2. If there is no footage, shoot one lesson on your phone
  3. Fill out an application, then send all the material to the manager for approval

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