Privacy Policy

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1. General information

1.1. collects and uses your personal data only to the extent necessary to provide access to the Site, its services and Services, as well as to implement our business objectives. If you have any questions regarding the processing of personal data, please contact customer support.

1.2. By accessing the Website and using it or otherwise providing with your personal data, you confirm that you have read the Privacy Policy.

1.3. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy or for some reason are unable to comply with it, you must refuse to use the Site and leave it.

1.4. processes your personal data only if there are legal grounds for this. For example, based on your consent given at the conclusion of the User Agreement. The purpose of this is to improve or manage our services and activities; to better understand your needs and interests; to fulfill your requests regarding products and services; to provide you with information and suggestions from us or from third parties; to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes with Users, enforce our agreements; to maintain tax, statistical, management accounting, audit; to protect the interests of visitors and Users; to investigate and prevent fraudulent, dangerous, unauthorized or illegal actions.

1.5. reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy at any time. The changes take effect from the moment they are published on the Website.

2. User Consent

2.1. The User provides his personal data voluntarily.

2.2. In case of refusal to provide personal data, the User is deprived of the opportunity to fully use the services of the Site.

2.3. By accepting the terms of this Policy, the User expresses his unequivocal, full and unconditional consent to the terms and conditions of this Policy, as well as to the fact that may collect, process, store, use and disclose the User's personal data, in the manner set out in this Policy. The storage period of personal data is 50 years.

2.4. The user has the right to withdraw his consent to the processing of personal data at any time by contacting the support service of

2.5. When changing the personal data provided by the User, he undertakes to update the information within 10 (ten) days. In case of non-compliance with this obligation, the User bears the risk of possible negative consequences.

3. Subject of the Privacy Policy

3.1. "Personal information and/or User's personal data" means any information related directly or indirectly to you as a User of the Site, including information related to a specific person provided by the User independently, transmitted by the browser or electronic devices, as well as information received from third parties.

3.2. RAF does not collect personal data of minors.

4. Processing of personal data

4.1. Processing of personal data is any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) performed with or without the use of automation tools with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.

4.2. The RAF does not have the right to process your Personal Information without sufficient legal grounds. Therefore, we process it only in order to:
  • Keep in touch with the User;
  • Process User requests and queries, respond to other appeals;
  • Implement agreements between the RAF and the User;
  • To ensure the conclusion on the Site and the execution of agreements between the User and third parties providing services implemented on the Site;
  • Send advertising messages and advertising information to the User;
  • Ensure the security and reliability of the Site;
  • Comply with legal requirements, including protecting the legitimate interests of the RAF, as well as third parties providing services provided on the Site.
4.3. By accepting the Privacy Policy, you provide and confirm your consent to the transfer (including cross-border) of personal data to third parties and RAF partners without obtaining additional written consent from you and without prior notification of such transfer.

4.4. If the RAF entrusts the processing of personal data to another person, the RAF is responsible to the User for the actions of this person. The person processing personal data on behalf of the RAF is responsible to the RAF.

4.5. RAF and other persons who have gained access to personal data are obliged not to disclose or distribute personal data to third parties without the consent of the personal data subject, unless otherwise provided by law.

4.6. The processed personal data is subject to destruction or depersonalization upon achievement of the processing goals or in case of loss of the need to achieve these goals.

5. User Rights

5.1. You have the right to require the RAF to clarify your personal data, block or destroy them in cases where the personal data is incomplete, outdated, inaccurate, illegally obtained or not necessary for the stated purpose of processing, as well as to take legal measures to protect your rights.

6. Personal data security

6.1. When processing personal data, RAF takes the necessary legal, organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from unauthorized or accidental access to them, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, provision, dissemination of personal data, as well as from other illegal actions with respect to personal data.

6.2. The objectives of p.6.1 of Policy are being achieved by:
  • application of organizational and technical measures to ensure the security of personal data during their processing in personal data information systems;
  • detection of unauthorized access to personal data and taking preventive measures;
  • establishing rules for access to personal data processed in the personal data information system, as well as ensuring registration and accounting of actions performed with personal data in the personal data information system;
  • control of access to the premises where personal data is processed.
6.3. The cross-border transfer of personal data to the territory of foreign states that do not provide adequate protection of the rights of personal data subjects is carried out strictly for the purpose of fulfilling the contract or to comply with legal requirements.

6.4. In order to transfer personal data received from the territory of the EU to third parties on the territory of countries that do not provide an adequate level of personal data protection within the meaning of the GDPR, contracts containing "Standard Contractual Clauses" (SCC) adopted by the European Commission or the supervisory authority and approved by the European Commission are concluded with the relevant third parties, which guarantee respect for the rights and freedoms of personal data subjects.